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You can call me W. I spent most of my time watching Korean dramas and Youtube videos, or blogging. Monentree was born on 4th August 2014 and since then, I have been writing about things that are Fashion, Beauty, and Lifestyle related. I also used to have another blog called no-nameeeee when I was 13, it was a platform for me to ramble and share my opinions. But I deleted it after I created this blog, and I have been regretting since then. ( haiyahh, why did I delete it? ).

If you are wondering what does " Monentree " means, it basically means " My Entry " in French. Why French? Because I am the most uncreative human being ever, so I relied on Google Translate to give this website a name.

I believed that I starting showing interest in make up ever since I was 12. Sometimes I would play with my mother's cosmetics secretly, and would immediately wash it off after I was done ' playing ' so as to destroy any trace of evidence. But now that I am thinking back, my mother probably knew that I was playing with her make up because my face would be covered with leftover glitters from the eye shadow. A few years later, my interest for make up/beauty grew and I started to borrow books about beauty every time I visited the library and purchased my first ever make up at 16. My biggest and wildest dream would be having my own cosmetic line / fashion line in years to come. But I know that is almost impossible.

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